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Peninsula Medical Centre is a member of the ProCare PHO. Consulting fee subsidies are available for patients who are enrolled with us. Patients who are casual or who are visitors, or are not eligible to enrol are not able to receive funding from the PHO, therefore the full fee applies.


Please Note: There can be a delay to our receiving PHO funding as enrolment data is updated monthly by the Ministry of Health, on the first day of the month. Therefore there is an additional $15.00 charge for a standard consultation for ages 6+. This additional fee partially covers funding until the enrolment data is updated and the funding has been received.


Payment is expected immediately following your consultation. We take EFTPOS and Cash (no credit card). A monthly statement fee of $10.00 applies to overdue accounts.


Fees are subject to change and may change independently of this site.



FEE CHANGES - July 2021

  • As of 1 July 2021, there will be a small increase to Doctor Consultation Fees, ACC Co-Payments and Nurse Services.
  • This has been approved & is in line with Ministry of Health and DHB guidelines. 
  • DISCOUNT for Repeat Prescriptions ordered on Health365 Patient Portal still available!

Enrolled Patients

Age With Funding Awaiting Govt Funding CSC with Funding CSC Awaiting Govt Funding
0-5 years    FREE FREE FREE FREE
6-13 years FREE $15.00 FREE $15.00
14-17 years $35.00 $50.00 $13.00 $28.00
18-64 years $49.00 $64.00 $19.50 $34.50
Over 65 years $45.00 $60.00 $19.50 $34.50

1. Extended consultations will incur an additional fee- $15.00 per every extra 5 minutes
2. A monthly statement fee of $10.00 applies to overdue accounts.





Visiting Patients Not Enrolled

Age With CSC No CSC
0-5 years $35.00 $35.00
6-17 years $56.00 $65.00
18+ $65.00 $85.00
Non Residents (All Ages) $90.00 $90.00


Please note: For additional services, such as with the Nurse, a $10 Visitor fee will be incurred

ACC Co-Payments - Doctor Consultations

Age Enrolled Patients (no CSC) Enrolled Patients (with CSC) Visitors (no CSC) Visitors (with CSC)
0-13 years FREE FREE $10.00 $10.00
14-17 years $35.00 $13.00 $45.00 $23.00
18+ years $45.00 $19.50 $55.00 $29.50


Prescription Fees, Doctor Referrals & Reports

Prescription Type Fee
Standard Adult (Allow 2 Working Days)


Standard Adult with CSC (Allow 2 Working Days) $17.00
Standard - Requested via Health365 Portal $20.00 DISCOUNTED
Standard 14-17yrs $17.00
Standard 14-17yrs with CSC $11.00
Standard 0-13yrs FREE
Urgent Adult (Same day) $32.00
Urgent 14-17yrs (Same day) $27.00
Urgent 0-13yrs (Same day) $10.00
Reports & Referrals (Charged on Time Basis) From $20.00


Nurse Fees

Service Type Fee
Consultation Support Services $5.00
Referral / Form Completion or Printing $5.00
ACC Nurse Consult (13 years +) $12.00
Blood Pressure $5.00
Breast Examination $20.00
Dressing Fees $15.00-$25.00
Injection Fee  $20.00
Vaccinations POA
Urine Analysis $10.00
Liquid Nitrogen  $20.00-$30.00
Suture Removal $20.00-$30.00



Test Fee
Pregnancy Test $15.00
Cervical Smear $35.00
Speculum $5.00
Urine Test $10.00
ECG $40.00